Basic Science

The Role of Factor XIa, Microparticles and Platelets in TIC

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The goals of this project include elucidating the mechanism of FXI activation in trauma and evaluating the effect of FXIa on processes of blood coagulation and establishing the contribution of FXIa, polyphosphates and microparticles to the procoagulant activity in stored blood products and in fresh blood from trauma patients, and identifying potential treatments to mitigate the effects of these blood components on hemostasis in trauma. The project is also evaluating the hemostatic and inflammatory potentials of stored platelet concentrates and microparticles derived from stored platelets.

Contact info: Saulius Butenas, University of Vermont, Department of Biochemistry,


Platelet function and the hemostatic response in animal models of TIC

Contact info: Lawrence Brass, University of Pennsylvania


Identifying the molecular basis for platelet dysfunction in trauma

Contact info: Scott Diamond, University of Pennsylvania


Impaired ADP Induced platelet activation after major trauma

Contact info: Anirban Banerjee, University of Colorado


Clinical platforms for assessment of coagulation in trauma

Contact info: Gene Moore, University of Colorado


Inflammatory mechanisms leading to tissue factor expression in TIC

This project addresses basic mechanisms of how trauma induces TF and the consequences of TF activation for trauma induced coagulopathy

Contact info: Wolfram Ruf, Scripps Research Institute,


Trauma induced endothelial injury and inflammation that results in coagulopathy and end organ damage

Contact info: Michael Yaffe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Histones and Polyphosphates (PolyP) Involvement in TIC

Project 10 seeks to determine the role of histone and polyphosphate release from platelets or damaged tissues to the development of coagulation abnormalities and inflammation following trauma.

Contact info: Charles T. Esmon, PhD, Coagulation Biology Laboratory, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation


Endothelial barrier function after trauma

Contact info: Mitch Cohen, University of California, San Francisco


Effects of histones, polyphosphates and thrombin on native endothelium in trauma

Contact info: Mark Nelson, University of Vermont